Episode 03: Dawn Cuckow

15 April 2023
Phil Simpson

In this episode I caught up with Dawn Cuckow, a nutritional therapist specialising in weight loss. Dawn believes that food is meant to be enjoyed, and that eating healthily doesn’t mean depriving yourself. Her approach has helped her clients to reclaim their vitality and discover their unique path to lasting weight loss.

In this podcast, we explore Dawn's book, the Body Effect, and discover that it is not just about weight loss, but about a journey of self-discovery and coming back into balance with yourself. We delve into the concept of tuning into your inner body wisdom, which is always there guiding us, and how this can help you on your weight loss journey.

Dawn Cuckow - author of the Body Effect
We live in crazy times and the world needs the best you now.

Resources & Links

For more information about Dawn and her unique approach to lasting weight loss you can visit her website at dawncuckow.com.

She is also running a free Master Your Cravings workshop on Wednesday (19th April 2023). How to disrupt your craving cycle, ignite your energy, and kickstart your body‘s natural weight loss abilities.

Source Connected podcast interview with Dawn CuckowDawn Cuckow - author of the Body Effect

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