Episode 01: Sarmado Sibley

28 June 2021
Phil Simpson

For this very first episode, I headed over to Wells, Somerset in the UK to chat with plant-based chef, educator and lifestyle coach Sarmado Sibley.

Sarmado is known internationally as a leader in world-class, plant-based food, combining his Michelin star kitchen experience with cutting edge nutrition, the power of superfoods, and the wisdom of natural medicine.

I spoke to Sarmado about his background, early influences and how everything changed for him in terms of his food philosophy and approach to well-being during a profound trip to India. We also talked about local food production, growing and community.

Sarmado Sibley: Plant based chef, educator & founder of sarmadosibley.com
A space where people can eat, learn, grow and collaborate... that’s community.

Resources & Links

For more information about Sarmado and his programme of Trainings & Events you can visit his website at sarmadosibley.com.

You can also follow Sarmado on Instagram at @sarmado_sibley.

During this podcast interview, Sarmado also mentioned his work with Oracle Girl.

Artichokes in Sarmado's garden

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