Episode 02: Jessica Boles

7 July 2019
Phil Simpson

Jessica Boles is a composer and musician.  She has recorded a number of albums, composes music for film and recently collaborated with cinematographer Mario Cardona Lang. She also offers sound healing journeys in-person and online.

Jess’s compositions and music are strongly influenced by Nature, and her heartfelt wish is to bring people back to Nature through her beautiful healing music, Whale and Gaia Song.

During this podcast, we spoke about her earliest call to create music on her family piano, and how her compositions emerge spontaneously out of her deep connection to Nature. We also explored Jess’s wonderful collection of musical instruments, and discussed the healing power of sound and how specific frequencies can help to ground and realign us, and give us an incredible sense of wellbeing.

Source Connected - Jessica Boles
My heartfelt wish is to bring people back to Nature through my healing music, Whale and Gaia Song

Resources & Links

Tracks used during this podcast:

  1. Piano improvisation of Purity of Crystalline Waters Recorded live at Jess's home in Frome
  2. Return to Nature by Jessica Boles recorded for the Silent Immersion April 2021
  3. Waterfall - by Jessica Boles.
  4. Jessica Boles playing singing bowls, chimes and gong live at her home in Frome
  5. Mother Earth is Calling by Jessica Boles.

Jessica mentioned that she writes music for Oracle Girl.

If you’d like to find out more about Jess’s music and sound journeys, or would like to contact her about future collaborations or to commission a piece of music, please visit her website at jessicaboles.com.

Jessica Boles at her piano

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