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hosted by Phil Simpson
You’re listening to Source Connected, a podcast showcasing creative, innovative and high frequency solutions for a new way of being.
Phil will be talking to creative people who are aligning to a positive future timeline, and coming up with new solutions for food production, education, community development, healthcare, music, arts and much more.
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Latest Episodes

Episode 03: Dawn Cuckow

Hosted by
Phil Simpson

In this episode I caught up with Dawn Cuckow, a nutritional therapist specialising in weight loss. Dawn believes that food is meant to be enjoyed, and that eating healthily doesn’t mean depriving yourself.

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Episode 01: Sarmado Sibley

Hosted by
Phil Simpson

Sarmado Sibley is known internationally as a leader in world-class, plant-based food, marrying Michelin star kitchen experience with cutting edge nutrition and a flair for flavour.

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Episode 02: Jessica Boles

Hosted by
Phil Simpson

Jessica Boles is a composer who has recorded a number of albums, composes music for film and recently collaborated with cinematographer Mario Cardona Lang. She also offers sound healing journeys in-person and online.

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I hope you’ve been inspired by these podcasts and the creatives and visionaries who have been featured. If you feel moved to support future podcasts on Source Connected that would be amazing.

Many thanks!

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Sarmado and Phil during their podcast interview

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